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Vinyl Pools deals with everything in regards to completing your dream pool, vinyl pool cover bottoms, as well as providing insulation for your high quality pool; provide a custom finish, beyond normal standards, the vinyl allows the customer to simply choose a pattern to their liking or even an image, and the same will be applied in your pool, a simple and banal pool can become a work of art.

The pool linings cover the pool wall and floor structure, completely covering the walls and floor and creating an impenetrable surface. The main purpose of pool liners is to retain pool water inside the pool and provide a decorative look. Pool liners are critical to all above ground pools and in single vinyl liner pools. They provide a leak-proof barrier to contain the water inside the walls of the pool. Liners come in many different themes, patterns and colors. Coating material thicknesses also vary. Thicker and heavier linings last longer than thin material and are measured in gauge or millimeters.

The coating is not a permanent addition and is attached to the pool so it can be removed for repair or replacement. Three different ways to install pool coat: overlap coatings, bead coatings (beaded) and shelled coatings (unibead).

Overlap coatings offer the lowest cost and the most popular type of pool coatings currently. They are, however, severely limited in terms of colors and patterns available. They are easy to install and can be installed without the use of special tools or equipment. However, once installed, they are quite difficult to remove and replace.

Beaded liners stay in the middle when it comes to price and popularity. They offer easier removal and replacement without cutting. They also offer a wider range of colors and patterns and easily attach to an adapter on the outside edge of the pool.

Unibead coatings are the most versatile coatings available today because of their ability to be used in U / J hook applications or beaded applications. They are also very easy to remove because they can be removed without having to take the top rail or deck out of your pool, which can save valuable time and frustration.

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